The Monmouth Conservation Foundation (MCF) is our county’s only continuing land-trust organization. Over the last 36 years, we have successfully preserved over 6,500 acres throughout Monmouth County. Our mission and challenge is to keep Monmouth County’s uniqueness preserved for future generations. Each year, our population continues to grow and, today, well exceeds 600,000. As more farmlands and open spaces are developed into residential communities the unique character of our community becomes compromised.

The MCF forms productive win-win partnerships by serving as an intermediary between the public and private entities. Our objective is to preserve land by determining how the property will be used so that the public-at-large benefits. The Foundation itself does not own or hold land. An example of the MCF’s work is Princeton Nurseries. Located in Upper Freehold Township of western Monmouth County, this parcel of land, at 1,200 acres, is the single largest piece of property of existing farmlands in the county. The MCF facilitated an arrangement whereby the property will be added to county’s Crosswicks Creek Park for a new state wildlife management area. Another project, completed in 2011 in Middletown, saved 30 acres of what had been the Coe estate on Sleepy Hollow Road.

Monmouth County’s 665 square miles is known for its beauty and diversity of land, flora and fauna. Our County offers a rich blend of rural, suburban, and urban lifestyles that make it one of the most desirable areas on the East Coast for people to live and raise families. That desirability is due in large measure to keeping open spaces and avoiding the sprawl and density that have plagued other communities. The MCF’s ongoing and persistent efforts today to preserve our open lands and keep our fragile ecosystem healthy will determine what Monmouth County means for future generations.  Please support us.