Imagine – no Apple, no Amazon, no Venmo. Not even an ATM. Almost impossible to fathom.

It was 1969: the average cost of a house was $28,000, a new car was roughly $3,000 and a gallon of gas was just 35 cents. That same year the military launched ARPANET (many refer to it as the precursor to the Internet), “Sesame Street” debuted, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon, and Woodstock took place – on a farm in a field.

This brings us to 2019, with Monmouth Conservation Foundation’s own Woodstock-inspired Peace Love & Land fundraiser on Saturday, September 21 taking place in a field on a peaceful and loved farm preserved by the Foundation, with a breathtaking view of the Navesink River.

Fall 2019 will be a critically important time for the Foundation as it strives to reach a significant fundraising goal of $500,000. Minimally.

Given this goal, we hope you will consider a sponsorship in support of Monmouth Conservation Foundation’s mission of

saving the open space that surrounds us
creating the parks we play in
preserving the farms that feed us
safeguarding the waterways that sustain us
teaching environmental sustainability that ensures our future
protecting the wildlife that enchants us

What we do is crucial in both helping protect the environment and manage the daunting effects of climate change. Your support of our Peace Love & Land event helps further our mission that directly benefits you and our environment. The enclosed form provides details about the various sponsorships and underwriting opportunities and how your generosity plays an essential role in supporting the Foundation’s work.

We know that as an ongoing friend and supporter of the Foundation, your sponsorship comes from the heart and a growing concern about the environment and saving what land we can in Monmouth County. We also know it is NOT about the incentives, perks, bells (not to be confused with bell bottoms!) and whistles because over the years, many sponsors have told us just that. So, with this in mind, we will dedicate your indispensable sponsorship funds directly at our mission, instead of feeling obliged to offer a list of extras as in prior years. Should you have a special sponsorship request, we would be glad to try to accommodate your wish – within reason, of course!

As always, we look forward to what promises to be a fun night celebrating and raising funds for Monmouth Conservation Foundation’s ongoing, important mission made possible by your vital and generous support benefitting all who love nature, wildlife, air, water and land.

We greatly appreciate your consideration and look forward to seeing you on September 21.



Holly Boylan Flego


William D. Kastning, AICP,
Executive Director


Lisa McKean
Managing Director,
Marketing & Development