The Stone Foundation of New Jersey renews its support of Springwood Avenue Park

The Monmouth Conservation Foundation (MCF) is deeply grateful to receive a renewal grant of $15,000 awarded by The Stone Foundation of New Jersey for the advancement of MCF’s Springwood Avenue Park project.

This timely and generous grant helps MCF to achieve the Board of Directors matching challenge grant of $25,000, and helps MCF meet the project’s fundraising goal of $150,000.

In making the grant, The Stone Foundation of New Jersey expressed “…enthusiasm for MCF’s move into the vital world of urban greening and open-space access in underserved areas of Monmouth County. It is a testament to our belief in the importance of this kind of work as part of the conservation portfolio.”

In partnership with Monmouth County, the City of Asbury Park, and Interfaith Neighbors, Monmouth Conservation Foundation is participating in the groundwork for a 1.3-acre park within the 16-block Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Area. The park will include a playground, courtyard, walking path, civic plaza, and recreational lawn panel. It also will feature an amphitheater and raised stage area, with a mural panel, for outdoor performances.

Springwood Avenue Park will be the first City-owned and City-maintained park ever established on the West Side of Asbury Park. A key goal of Springwood Avenue Park is to help spur development of vacant parcels in the Springwood Avenue Redevelopment Area. This grant awarded by The Stone Foundation of New Jersey is a major contribution to helping MCF and our partners achieve this long-term vision for this neighborhood.