Nature’s Architects Have a Permanent Home in Millstone

Although Beavers are no longer endangered in New Jersey, the impacts of their dams often make them unwelcome tenants.  Landowners often trap and relocate these bucktoothed builders to avoid the effects of their dams.  Yet, Beavers play an important role in the ecosystem and are considered a keystone species.  The dams and ponds they form don’t just benefit beavers.  Many other species depend on the shallow pools and pondside real estate that abounds from busy beaver behavior.


In the meticulously manicured landscapes of Monmouth County, it’s hard for beavers to find places to establish their homes uninterrupted by humans.  Thanks to the preservation of a 12 acre tract of land at the headwaters of the Toms River in Millstone Township, the beavers that have established a dam there will continue to benefit the ecosystem.


Behind the stores and shopping malls on the border of Jackson and Millstone Townships, lies an untouched piece of land that will now remain that way forever thanks to a partnership between Millstone Township, Monmouth Conservation Foundation, the NJ DEP Green Acres Program and the County of Monmouth.  The property had the potential to be developed into another shopping mall, but was acquired in December 2018 and will remain as protected natural land owned by the Township of Millstone. 

The land is mostly wetlands and sensitive habitat, making it home to numerous threatened and endangered species, in addition to the beavers that have established residency there.  Perhaps most importantly, the location of the property at the headwaters of the Toms River makes it crucial to protecting water quality.

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