Forever Green at Nevergreen Farm - A Family Dedicated to Keeping Their Farmland Preserved Forever!

“While we try and teach our children all about life, the farm teaches us what life’s all about.”

- Angela Schwindt (Home Schooling Mom)

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At Nevergreen Farm in Howell Township, farming is a family affair, so there is no surprise that the farm is run by two generations of the family.  The beautiful rolling landscape of Nevergreen Farm is dedicated towards the purchase, development, training and sales of both domestic and imported horses with a focus on Hunter and Equitation styles of riding.  Barbara, a US Equestrian Federation Judge, husband Brad, and their children Laura and Brian, work together to keep the farm running smoothly.  Brian’s well known success as a rider and trainer was spotlighted in a recent article in Sidelines News

The family purchased the 22-acre farm on Casino Drive nearly ten years ago when their equestrian farm business needed more acreage to grow.  The family made the decision to preserve the farm in March 2018, ensuring it will always remain a thriving part of the agricultural community.  Yet again, they expanded their operation by purchasing a neighboring 43-acre farm, previously permanently preserved through the New Jersey Farmland Preservation Program.

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Within moments of walking through the barn door, it is apparent that the horses are not the only ones to call the farm home.  Everyone here is family. Through the farm’s lesson programs, riders come to learn and sharpen riding skills, but leave with so much more – confidence, responsibility, patience and humility.  Equestrians, young and old, are given the opportunity to connect with these magnificent four-legged creatures, who have the ability to open hearts and feed souls.  Horses teach people about life and themselves, and most importantly, to get back up whenever you fall. 

Possibly unbeknownst to them, riders are gifted with the opportunity to experience and appreciate what is left of Monmouth County’s scarce remaining rural landscape.  The importance of lush green open pastures, the serenity of the woods, getting dirt under your fingernails and even the scent from fertilizing crops with horse manure. The preservation of this farm not only supports the rich agricultural history of our County, but also our deeply rooted equine heritage.

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Monmouth Conservation Foundation is proud to have preserved Nevergreen Farm through funds provided by the State Agriculture Development Committee, the County of Monmouth and Howell Township.