Congratulations to our Contest Winners!

1st Monmouth Beach Elementary School
2nd Deane Porter Elementary School, Rumson
3rd Holy Cross School, Rumson

1st Prize Mrs. Marino's Kindergarten Class Monmouth Beach

1st Prize Mrs. Marino's Kindergarten Class Monmouth Beach

2nd Prize Deane Porter Elementary School, STEM Program

2nd Prize Deane Porter Elementary School, STEM Program



"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children."
                                                  ~ John James Audubon

Kids for Conservation invites all preschool and kindergarten age students to participate in a creative challenge that enters them to win prizes for their school!

Kids for Conservation began in 2013 as an academic enrichment program for young children.  The purpose is to teach young children about their environment.  The curriculum is based upon age appropriate themes that teach children about land conservation, wildlife protection, and the preservation of wildlife, farmland, and open space.

Environmental themed lesson plans are provided to the schools that then create art projects that are tailored to facilitate dialogue about the environmental issues.  Completed art projects are submitted to MCF and winners are chosen based on creativity and how the class demonstrated what they learned about the environmental issue.


Wings of Wonder 2017

Each year Kids for Conservation provides teachers with conservation lesson plans, contest, family event, and prizes for students to enjoy.  This year the featured lesson plan spotlights the American Bald Eagle.  The story of the American Bald Eagle, once on the brink of extinction, is an amazing success story this is perfect to inspire and empower students.  The message to students is that with awareness and positive action, we can protect our earth and the habitat that eagles need to survive. 

The featured lesson plans for 2017 spotlight the American Bald Eagle.  Project Pollinator lesson plans remain available for use and contest entry.  Please see the contest rules available below for more information.

For more information, please call 732.671.7000

Thank you to our partners and sponsors!